Starbucks promotes its Action Center to facilitate civic
education and engagement for its employees around the country.


Starbucks is a leading coffee company and coffeehouse chain, with 25,000+ stores in over 75 countries. What’s more, Starbucks is trailblazing in the world of corporate social responsibility. Not only is the company focused on ethical sourcing, the environment, and community, but the Starbucks team also facilitates regular opportunities for civic education and engagement.


Starbucks’ social impact team created an Action Center to facilitate digital civic education and engagement for employees across the country. The goal is to make it easier for employees to become engaged civic participants, gain easy access to nonpartisan political news, and have the means to easily contact their lawmakers about a diversity of issues and causes. 


Starbucks’ Action Center has recorded thousands of civic actions, including votes on upcoming legislation, messages to elected officials, and more. Starbucks promotes opportunity for civic education and action through:

  • New content published daily on the Action Center and internal Workplace page

  • Custom calls-to-action that make it easy for employees to get involved in upcoming events and campaigns

  • Dedicated pages for Starbucks-run initiatives and programs.

The variety of ways in which Starbucks promotes opportunities to learn and take action—and the enthusiastic participation and response from employees— reflects the civic-oriented culture that Starbucks is developing, and the deep investment that their employees feel in civic life.