Twitch put its audience in touch with lawmakers and empowered them to take action on net neutrality.


Twitch is one of the largest and most popular live streaming video platforms in the world, with nearly 2 million broadcasters and over 100 million visitors each month. Though the core Twitch audience focuses on video games and esports, the platform also hosts vibrant communities around creative content, music, cooking, food, and ‘IRL’ broadcasting.


Twitch wished to galvanize its massive, internet-savvy audience around the fight for net neutrality. Utilizing Countable’s Lawmaker Messaging Tool, Twitch facilitated direct contact between its audience, their lawmakers, and the Federal Communications Commission.


Over a short, three-day campaign period, Twitch achieved remarkable results:

  • Tens of thousands of messages sent to lawmakers about net neutrality

  • 38% engagement rate with their Lawmaker Messaging Tool

  • 62% conversion rate from engagement to message sent

With the Lawmaker Messaging Tool, Twitch successfully put its audience in touch with lawmakers about an issue that they felt strongly about, empowering them to speak up and make their voices heard.