Under the Gun

Under the Gun

Under the Gun leveraged Countable to make its film actionable and put moviegoers in touch with lawmakers.


Under the Gun is a documentary film, narrated by Katie Couric, that looks at the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre where 20 children were murdered at their school by a resentful, gun-obsessed shooter, but led to no changes in American federal gun laws.


The team at Under the Gun, led by their consultants at Picture Motion, knew that they wanted to make the film actionable. It was important to them to empower movie-goers to take action on gun violence prevention, have a meaningful impactful on the conversation, and help to move the needle. That’s why they leveraged Countable’s lawmaker messaging tool. 


Under the Gun embedded the lawmaker messaging tool into its website, promoted it widely to prospective / past movie-goers, and encouraged people to take action. This resulted in:

  • A campaign click-through rate that exceeded 40% of unique impressions to engagements.

  • An impressive campaign conversion rate exceeding 36% of unique engagements to civic advocates.

In addition to these exceptional proportional engagement rates, Under the Gun helped put thousands of Americans in touch with their lawmakers on the important issue of gun violence prevention.