Coupling data with narrative journalism, USAFacts is empowering people to develop informed opinions and take civic action.


USAFacts is a non-partisan, not-for-profit civic initiative. Founded by former Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer, USAFacts spurs serious, reasoned, and informed debate on the purpose and functions of government by surfacing comprehensive data reports, with no political agenda or commercial motive.


Working closely with Countable’s editorial team, USAFacts data is regularly cited to support coverage of political news and legislation summaries. With these articles and their own Action Center, USAFacts sought to surface their data to broader audiences and empower readers to take informed actions about the information they learn.


Through a robust content partnership and Action Center on Countable, USAFacts demonstrates the value of digestible, nonpartisan data as a resource to both journalists and citizens. To date, USAFacts has achieved:

  • 25+ articles published on Countable featuring USAFacts data

  • Thousands of actions taken in response to content featuring USAFacts data

  • Tens of thousands of readers viewing content featuring data published by USAFacts

USAFacts’ nonpartisan reports have become an integral component of Countable’s own editorial content program, and has rapidly become table stakes for journalists eager to report with integrity. With smart data made actionable, citizens are empowered to learn more and develop informed opinions that spark debate.