Tailoring Your Content to Achieve Your Goals

Tailoring Your Content to Achieve Your Goals

Tailoring Your Content to Achieve Your Goals

By the Countable Team

Getting your audience to engage with content can be a tremendous challenge. Far too frequently, audiences quickly glance at new posts, and then click away before having the opportunity to meaningfully interact. Taking the time to craft a robust content strategy can ensure that you’re tailoring each and every piece of content to achieve your desired results, and inspiring engagement beyond passive consumption.

In fact, over 98% of senior marketers believe that having a content strategy is critical to their success, yet only 55% have a documented strategy. From videos and blog posts to graphics and illustrations, there are countless forms of content out there to grab your audience’s attention. To truly maximize audience engagement, and optimize your content, it is important to first identify your objectives and make plans accordingly.

So, to start, what is your ultimate goal? Do you hope to teach your audience about a specific issue, create grassroots support around a cause, help build a community, or keep your users updated on critical developments? Mission driven content is more important than ever, as over 70% of consumers feel that organizations creating custom content are interested in forming a good relationship with their followers. Think critically about your organization or cause’s priorities, and then create content that specifically supports these objectives. Consider the following:

1. Educating Audiences. Posting regular news articles can help keep your audience updated on a certain topic. Specifically, infographics and bite-sized, fact-based posts can offer a quick and highly accessible way for your audience to learn about a subject that’s new to them. To capture your readers’ attention and make your content stand out, consider establishing your own unique voice and tone, and find new, inventive ways to deliver information and news

2. Driving Debate. To get your audience thinking about a certain topic, post content that compels them to share their thoughts and state their own opinions. Create posts asking questions or encouraging your audience to sound off in the comments section. Utilize polls, quizzes and petitions to engage your audience on various issues, whether that be an emotional reaction, or a concrete support/oppose stance, and then push readers to explain why in the comments.

Countable's Audience Engagement Tool Countable’s Audience Engagement Tool 

 3. Spurring Advocacy. Inspired by your strategic content, your audience can make a tangible impact on key community issues that personally affect them. If spurring advocacy is your goal, give your audience the tools to directly contact their elected representatives, call for action on key issues, and motivate measurable change.

Countable's Lawmaker Messaging Tool 

Countable’s Lawmaker Messaging Tool

 4. User-Generated Video. Fostering a sense of community amongst your audience is incredibly important. User-generated video is a powerful asset to do just that. By empowering your audience to share their personal stories and opinions, respond and ask questions, and inspire others with personal messages, you can create a sense of shared purpose and common goals that yields far greater engagement and advances your cause.

Countable's Video Testimonial Tool 

Countable’s Video Testimonial Tool
Content can, and should, play an integral role in achieving your goals. By identifying your organization or cause’s top priorities, crafting a comprehensive content program, and targeting your audience with thoughtful and strategic pieces, you can help meet your objectives, and build an active, engaged community.


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