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Challenge: Net Neutrality Came Under Attack

Ending Net Neutrality would allow internet providers to regulate the content its customers could receive and hurt content suppliers. As a major source of user-generated content, Twitch faced grave financial hardships from this proposed legislation. The company needed a compelling way to rally its user base of 3.8 million streamers and over 140 million monthly users.

Solution: Utilize Countable's Platform To Mount A Fast Response

Twitch partnered with Countable to rapidly create a simple and effective way to connect its users with Federal legislators. In the course of two working days, Countable implemented and launched an advocacy site fully branded and optimized for the Twitch community. With a single click, users were able to send written and video messages directly to the Federal Communications Commission.

Results: Tens Of Thousands Of Users Came To Defense Of Twitch Within 24 Hours Of Site Launch

While the movement to uphold Net Neutrality ultimately didn’t succeed, within 24 hours of the start of the Twitch campaign, 71,000 unique users came to the Countable powered site generated more than 20,000 messages to the FCC.