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Challenge: Uber Faced Existential Threat with Legislative Bill

California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) posed a legislative threat to Uber. By extending employee classification status to gig workers, all of Uber’s drivers would be classified as full-time employees.  If AB5  passed, Uber’s operating costs would increase by millions of dollars, and its driver community would have its flexibility curtailed. Uber and its drivers shared a common interest in defeating this legislation but lacked the platform to coordinate their efforts. 

Solution: Create Viral Campaign Using Driver Testimonials

Uber approached Countable to build an online community for its drivers centered around sharing information and resources. With a rapid turnaround, Countable launched independentdriver.org - a site fully branded by Uber that enabled drivers to create and upload personal videos telling  their stories about why they wanted to remain as independent contractors.

Results: Legislative Referendum on November 2020 Ballot

A referendum has been placed on the November 2020 ballot to overturn AB5. Uber and its drivers recorded hundreds of videos that resulted in tens of thousands of page views.