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Webinar: Addressing Stakeholder Anxiety in Uncertain Times               

COVID, global unrest, gun violence, inequality, debate over women's rights, and economic instability have contributed to massive societal anxiety. How do brands navigate — and communicate — with stakeholders in these times? We speak to corporate People and Communications leaders to provide insights and best practices for supporting stakeholders when alignment may not be feasible.

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Our Speakers

c5bec8e0c6e77fc0c17090e1c0c262f4Ken Beaulieu

SVP, Editorial and Content Development, and Director, ANA Center for Brand Purpose

Ken Beaulieu is senior vice president of editorial and content development at the ANA, the world’s largest marketing trade organization. He oversees all activities for the ANA’s content library, and also directs the award-winning ANA Center for Brand Purpose. He manages the ANA Brand Purpose: Growth for Good Committee, hosts the Beyond Profit podcast, and serves as editor of Greater Good magazine.

5dc2986ee5c34cc39aca7fd1e6a6f9d4Beth Grous

SVP & Chief People Officer at Tripadvisor                                          e

Beth Grous is the Chief People Officer and member of the Executive Leadership Team at Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel site.  Beth leads Tripadvisor's human resources activities globally. She also has leadership responsibility for Equity, Diversity + Inclusion; Real Estate, Office & Employee Experience; Social Impact; and the Tripadvisor Foundation. Additionally, Beth is a member of the Tripadvisor Foundation Board of Directors.

0857866183d03c3bcf4c42656683cf55Mark Levy

Countable Advisor, pioneer of employee experience, formerly at Airbnb, Allbirds              

Mark was the pioneer of designing the Employee Experience at Airbnb, which has since created significant changes in the way organizations globally are looking at expanding the HR function to focus on the entire employee journey. Mark has taken his learnings to advise companies on how to evolve from HR to Employee Experience, how to create an integrated internal and external brand, how to bring the mission and values to life, and how to create a greater connection between the company and their employees, between employees, with the company’s customers, as well as the communities in which they operate through social impact. Most recently, Mark has chosen to focus his advisory work with under-estimated founders/CEOs and/or organizations focused on social impact.


Jory Des Jardins

CMO at Countable


Jory Des Jardins has invested over 20 years into launching, building, and scaling disruptive media and emerging tech companies. She is CMO of Countable, a Community as a Service Platform that activates stakeholders—customers, employees, investors, and supporters—around social impact initiatives.