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Showcase ESG commitments, drive impact initiatives forward
and give community stakeholders a meaningful reason to engage.

The Opportunity

Over 80% of employees and consumers expect their brands to take a stand.

91% of business leaders believe their company has a responsibility to act on ESG issues.

Moments have become movements, and mindshare for purpose-driven companies is a direct line to market share.


Our Solution

Technology: Align your brand and stakeholders with the causes core to your business. 

Content: Our award-winning editorial team can help shape your purpose-driven storytelling. 

Promotion: Amplify your efforts to our purpose-driven userbase of over 190mm worldwide people.

Management: Our team will help shape your engagement strategy to sustain action, drive awareness, and brand loyalty.


Inspire Your
Community of Purpose

We all know the issues - climate change, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, social justice, voters’ rights, food insecurity, to name just a few.

It’s the solutions we are after.

We built Countable to support your brand as a thought leader for social purpose. Transcend the fleeting press release or static report. Use Countable to inspire your stakeholders to take action to do good. 

When you do, you make the world a better place and lift your brand in the process.

Power your Purpose


We give brands a powerful new way to engage their stakeholders everywhere

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How it Works

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Kickoff &

An initial kick-off meeting defines success and confirms design and branding requirements. Tell us how you want the site to look and feel. We can launch sites in a matter of a few days.

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Activate your

Publish content to your Countable-powered website with an array of actionable engagement tools to deepen your audience engagement in support of your organization's goals.


Grow your

Expand the reach of your community by plugging into Countable’s network of 190mm highly-engaged users.

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Track Results

Track the efficacy of your messages and determine what is resonating with your audience via Countable's analytics dashboards and reports.

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