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Transform your audiences into informed, registered, and active voters with our comprehensive platform, designed to streamline and amplify your Get-Out-The-Vote efforts.
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Seamless Voter Registration Integration

Integrate Countable GOTV with best-in-class online voter registration tools, making it simple for your audience to register to vote and participate in the electoral process.

Comprehensive Civic Engagement Library

Access an extensive collection of civic awareness content, including state-specific dates, deadlines, sample ballots, and educational videos to inform and engage your audience.

Interactive Quizzes and Rewards

Gamify the experience with built-in quizzes, points, and badges, encouraging users to complete crucial actions and recognizing their achievements along the way.

Robust Analytics and Insights

Measure Countable GOTV's powerful analytics dashboard, providing you with detailed insights into user engagement and campaign performance.

Starbucks Brews a Stronger Democracy: Empowering 300,000 Employees to Vote with Countable GOTV

Starbucks partnered with Countable to create a branded, non-partisan platform that informed and motivated its 300,000 American employees to actively participate in the democratic process. Leveraging Quickstart Vote's comprehensive toolkit and engaging content, Starbucks' platform became a dynamic hub for civic engagement, covering topics such as voter registration, inclusivity, worker safety, and volunteering. The results were so impressive that Starbucks plans to expand the platform to its customers, demonstrating the power of Quickstart Vote in driving meaningful change and fostering a culture of civic participation.
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