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We power engaged & impactful communities

Countable is a Community Engagement Platform that activates your stakeholders around Brand Purpose and Impact. 

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Solutions for driving your mission

Employee Engagement

Empower your employees with resources they need to make a difference. The Countable platform engages and mobilizes your workforce, boosting employee wellness and retention.

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Patient Communities

Our Privacy-First, Patient-Centric approach meets patients and caregivers where they want to engage, building trust, health equity, and better health outcomes.

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A platform to align your community, brand, & purpose

Build stakeholder trust

Engage customers, employees, and stakeholders in a brand-safe environment.

Countable's enterprise-ready community platform ensures stakeholder security and compliance with data privacy regulations. 

Build stakeholder trust

Capture community engagement

Our Actions-Based approach guarantees deeper participation.  

  • Drive actions relevant to your brand
  • Compile feedback & analyze activity
  • Easily collect user-generated content

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Measure, manage,
& scale your Impact

Measure the difference your community is making.

 As your community grows, effortlessly create and track dedicated spaces for targeted subgroups. 

  • Create subgroups for:
    • Customer Segments
    • Employee Groups
    • Geography
  • Measure, Manage, & Track granular community activity

We help our clients make a difference

Fast, efficient, and led by experts in the content building phase, we couldn’t be happier with our partnership.

Ready to kickstart your Community?

Community Lab

We’re a team that is obsessed with the art and science of building impactful communities, whether they be customers, patients, employees, fans, donors, or supporters.

Our podcast, CommunityLab, brings together team members who have been in the community business for a long time, to share tactics and what they have learned and their years of experience building community. Hope you enjoy!



Episode 2 - What to know when starting a community
Community Lab Episode 2

Episode 2 - What to know when starting a community

Oct 17, 2022 3:20:05 PM
Episode 1 - Exploring Online Community and Engagement from the Business Perspective

Episode 1 - Exploring Online Community and Engagement from the Business Perspective

Sep 14, 2022 5:46:24 PM