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We power engaged & impactful communities

Countable is a Community Engagement platform that activates your stakeholders around Brand Purpose and Social Impact. 

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Solutions for driving your mission

How we've helped our clients make a difference

Fast, efficient, and led by experts in the content building phase, we couldn’t be happier with our partnership.

A platform to align your community, brand, & purpose

Build stakeholder trust

Engage customers, employees, and stakeholders
in a brand-safe environment.

Our enterprise-grade technology ensures stakeholder security and compliance with data privacy regulations. 

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Capture community engagement

Our Actions-Based approach guarantees deeper stakeholder participation.  

  • Drive actions relevant to your brand
  • Compile community feedback & analyze activity
  • Easily collect user-generated content

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Measure, manage,
& scale your Impact

Measure the difference your community is making.

 As your community grows, effortlessly create and track dedicated spaces for targeted subgroups. 

  • Create subgroups for:
    • Customer Segments
    • Employee Groups
    • Geography
  • Measure, Manage, & Track granular community activity

Align your Impact with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We’ve supported hundreds of Impact communities and campaigns. Leverage our experience developing action-oriented programs that generate measurable, proven results. Partner with like-minded organizations and aligned communities.

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Ready to kickstart your Community?

Impact All Stars

A new video series powered by Countable. Join host Elissa Fisher Harris who chats with Impact leaders about how they've successfully incorporated Impact results into their organizations.


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Episode 12: Democratizing Smiles

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Peter Walbridge Designing Around Purpose

Episode 11: Designing Around Purpose: How to Build and Sustain a Creative Career in Impact

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