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Turn communities into powerful engines for social impact

Our technology empowers brands to educate, inspire, and drive action with stakeholders of all types and makes it easy to track efficacy and impact on business goals.

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End-to-End Solution

We create private digital spaces to help brands take a stand

We built Countable to support your brand as a thought leader for social purpose. Traditional CSR and ESG initiatives put customers and employees on the sidelines. Use Countable to inspire your stakeholders to get involved, take action, and do good.

Flexible Community Platform

Privately branded, Countable’s platform is built to meet evolving impact goals of companies.

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Content Support

Countable authored content around impact initiatives to keep audiences engaged over time and inspire action.

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Awareness & Promotion

Countable's network helps brands extend their reach by bringing their initiatives to an audience of over 30M+

Why Countable

Showcase ESG commitments & give stakeholders a reason to engage.

In this rapidly-evolving business landscape, brands have an opportunity to build deeper relations with key audiences, generate a well of first-party data, all the while doing good while doing well.

Countable bridges the gap between rapidly changing market expectations and the brands expected to meet them. Our solutions help companies not just say they will do good, but drive customer and employee engagement through impactful action.

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of consumers

think companies should actively shape ESG best practices. 

of business leaders

believe companies need to act on ESG issues.

of employees

prefer to work for companies that care about the same issues they do.

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