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Countable powers virtual communities for large and small organizations

Your Brand. Your Audiences.
Your Data.

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Proud To Work With Leading Companies

Ways We Help Our Clients  


Turn Engaged Audiences Into ROI

As a stand-alone site or integrated with your existing online presence, we build safe, curated sites branded and moderated by you.

Transform static content with our engagement features, ranging from polls and user generated videos to direct contact with lawmakers. 

Such engagement hooks lead to 2.5x more interactions than static sites. 

Your brand. Your story. Your 1st-party data. 

Grow Your Brand By Connecting With Our Network Of 190 Million Users 

Our sister company, Causes.com, has over 190 million registered users.

They have taken action on causes that range from climate change, social justice, and voters' rights, to health, racial inequality and education.

Market your brand through our Causes network and drive immediate ROI.

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Inspire Corporate Responsibility 

86% of consumers say brands should take a stand on social issues. Our platform helps you do that, enabling you to support causes through safe and authentic conversations with your audience.

Take a stand, curate the content, invite and moderate the conversation. Internal and external participation becomes a habit. Previously fleeting campaigns transition to ongoing engagements for good.

How it Works

1. Kickoff & Customize

An initial kick-off meeting defines success and confirms design and branding requirements. Tell us how you want the site to look and feel. We can launch sites in a matter of a few days. 

2. Activate your audience

Publish content to your Countable-powered website with an array of actionable engagement tools to deepen your audience engagement in support of your organization's goals.

4. Track Results & ROI

Track the efficacy of your messages and determine what is resonating with your audience via Countable's analytics dashboards and reports. 

Recent Client Successes



Uber created Independent Driver - a Countable-powered website focused on mobilizing its driver community to defeat legislation in California that would strip Uber drivers of their freelance status. 

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300,000+ Starbucks employees are connected via Starbucks Partners Vote -  a Countable-powered platform dedicated to civic engagement and voter registration.  


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1,000,000 PG&E customers are connected to critical safety information, resources, and actions via the Countable-powered Safety Action Center   


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