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Advocacy Quickstart streamlines your advocacy campaign process and simplifies putting your audience in contact with policymakers.
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The trusted platform for campaigns at leading organizations


Everything you need to advocate your cause.

Geolocate policymakers

Provide advocates with a seamless experience by serving them local, state, and federal policymakers based on their location.

Maximize conversion

Maximize the impact of your advocacy. Send messages through email, video, social, and phone calls to lawmakers in the U.S. and Canada.

Manage the message

Provide advocates with a default message to fit your organization’s goals or empower them to write their own.

Grow advocate lists

Collect lead information from your users and build your list of advocates ready to take action. Use Countable’s Zapier integration to easily export contacts to your CRM.

Uber Drivers Unite: Harnessing the Power of Advocacy to Protect Flexible Work

Faced with legislation threatening their livelihoods, Uber drivers used Countable's advocacy tools to share their stories. Over hundreds of video testimonials and written stories were collected in just two weeks. Uber saw a 500% increase in engagement compared to previous advocacy campaigns. The driver-led campaign captured the attention of legislators and the public, demonstrating the power of authentic storytelling in driving change.
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