The easiest way to capture and celebrate your community's stories

In a couple of clicks, Countable Testmionial helps you collect audience stories, review them, and create landing pages to showcase the best of the bunch for impactful storytelling.

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The trusted platform for campaigns at leading organizations


Capture social proof at scale.

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Effortless Content Collection

Gather compelling video and written testimonials from your audience with ease by placing the Quickstart link on your website or leveraging our pre-designed templates.

All-in-One Dashboard

Streamline your workflow with Testimonial's centralized dashboard, where you can review submissions, track performance analytics, and manage your campaigns in one convenient location.

Customizable Landing Pages and Galleries

Showcase your approved user-generated content in style with fully customizable landing pages and dedicated video galleries that align with your brand's unique aesthetic.

Secure Video Hosting and Ownership

Maintain full control over your user-generated content with Countable Testimonial's secure video hosting and ownership model, ensuring your testimonials are always yours.

Amplifying Voices: How the DNC Leveraged Quickstart Testimonial for Virtual Convention Success

By harnessing Countable Testimonial the DNC empowered Americans to share their stories, participate in shaping the party platform, and foster a sense of unity among delegates and the public, all while navigating the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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