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Uber utilizes Countable's video tools

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Uber Utilizes Countable’s Video Tools To Mobilize Its Driver Network

California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) posed a legislative threat to Uber. By extending employee classification status to gig workers, all of Uber’s drivers would be classified as full-time employees.  If AB5  passed, Uber’s operating costs would increase by millions of dollars, and its driver community would have its flexibility curtailed. Uber and its drivers shared a common interest in defeating this legislation but lacked the platform to coordinate their efforts.

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Create Viral Campaign Using Driver Testimonials 

In order to understand its community’s needs and perspectives on independent employment, Uber worked with Countable to launch an engagement hub that could collect personal stories from the company’s top drivers.


1000% increase in driver engagement

In less than a week, thousands of videos and written testimonials were shared, revealing drivers’ desires to retain flexibility in their schedules. Each user-generated story has become an important asset in Uber’s ongoing fight to protect workers’ freedoms across the country.

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