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About Us

We're on a mission

to leverage our years of experience building scalable technologies, mobilizing communities, and achieving real-world Impact as a force-multiplier for Good.

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We believe that...

Communities are catalysts of transformation; cultivating them is both an art and a science. So we developed a Community as a Service platform designed to enable organizations to amplify their Impact initiatives by activating their stakeholders–be they customers, investors, employees, groupies, kindred spirits, or fans.

When organizations engage their most valued stakeholders, and the community mobilizes around shared purpose, change happens. Everybody wins.

This is our story

Countable is a VC-funded, mission-based startup with offices in San Francisco and team members across the U.S. As we take on more global impact initiatives we will expand to offices abroad.

We have deep roots in community engagement, starting as the award-winning civic engagement and community platform called Countable.us, and later acquiring Brigade — and with it Causes.com. We continue to operate Causes as our in-house community platform and sandbox. 

Meet our team

    Our Investors

    Our Advisors

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    Mark Levy

    EX Advisor, and Pioneer of Experience Leader at Airbnb




    Our team is always growing

    We're always looking for the best people to join.

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