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Where employee engagement meets social impact.

Stop spinning your wheels on how to build an effective employee social impact program. We help companies get started or level up work on the issues their workforce cares about.


Employee Engagement Software Powering Social Impact for Leading Brands

Leverage tools that the most impactful brands use to mobilize their employees on Brand Purpose initiatives.

Recruit & retain

Providing a space for employees to take action on social impact issues attracts new, young employees and helps retains existing ones.

Build relationships

Learn what issues your employees care about and empower them to enact the change they seek.

Measure impact

Built-in reporting features track how each program is delivering attention, affinity, action, and more.


Brand-safe environment

Connect the dots between your brand, your brand purpose, and your teams in a space that you own.

How we're mobilizing employee social impact

Fast, efficient, and led by experts in the content building phase, we couldn’t be happier with our partnership.
Brand Value

A Coalition of Over 2000 Companies

Levis, Patagonia, and PayPal wanted to ensure their employees had time to vote. An impact site let other CEOs join the pledge.

Services that Drive Impact

Action Tools

Drive geo-targeted messages via email, phone call, or video; engage users in surveys, petitions, and pledges; supply notifications.

Impact Amplification

Expand your community reach to millions of civically-minded individuals by opting to promote your public-facing impact initiatives on our sister platform, Causes.

Performance Metrics

Receive comprehensive analytics that detail your impressions, engagements, and usage patterns to optimize your impact.

Stakeholder | Lawmaker Messaging

Direct outreach to influential stakeholders, with templatized and open messaging.

Ready to kickstart your employee social impact?