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Quickstart Testimonial

The easiest way to capture and celebrate your community's stories

In a couple of clicks, Quickstart Testmionial helps you collect audience stories, review them, and create landing pages to showcase the best of the bunch for impactful storytelling.

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Capture social proof at scale. 

Testimonials can be a marketer's best friend. Quickstart Testimonial makes it easy to collect videos or written messages from your most insightful audiences, moderate their stories to align with your brand, and showcase compelling user-generated content with rapidly generated landing pages and galleries.

Easy to collect

Gather authentic written or video testimonials from your audience effortlessly. Place the Quickstart link on any website or choose from our extensive library of pre-designed templates to effortlessly capture captivating stories.

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All-in-one dashboard

Create captivating landing pages that encourage users to share their stories. Quickly review video and text submissions to ensure they align with your brand's message and maintain brand safety. Additionally, track performance analytics, all in one convenient location.

Customizable landing pages & galleries

Automatically create landing pages for each approved video and curate your dedicated video gallery. 

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Ready to level up your storytelling?

Give us a call and we'll help you get started. 


Add Quickstart Testimonial to your campaign toolkit. 

Quickstart helps comms, marketing, advocacy, and employee engagement professionals create microsites or landing pages for their campaigns. 

With Quickstart, you can access dozens of campaign types and hundreds of templates, making it easy to launch a digital presence and get audiences to act. 

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