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Make Time to Vote
Quickstart Vote

The fastest way to Educate, Register & Mobilize

All-in-one tools, resources, and strategies to rapidly engage customers, employees, and other communities with Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) campaigns. 

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Level up your Civic Engagement Campaigns

Countable's GOTV module is complete with voter registration tools, extensive civic awareness content library state by-state dates and deadlines, sample ballots quizzes, and voting day planners.

Turn audiences into registered voters

Leverage Countable's partnerships and integrations with best-in-class online voter registration tools. We will match you with the best tools for your specific campaign needs.

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Educate and Mobilize

Take advantage of Countable's vast collection of voting resources and election content, encompassing ballot explainers, comprehensive candidate profiles, step-by-step instructions for mail-in ballots, educational videos, and much more.

Gamify and Reward 

Enhance your Voter Education journey by incorporating built-in points, badges, and quizzes to make it more engaging. Recognize users with badges for successfully completing crucial actions or a combination of them.

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Ready to launch your GOTV campaign?

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Add Quickstart Vote to your campaign toolkit

Quickstart helps comms, marketing, advocacy, and employee engagement professionals create microsites or landing pages for their campaigns. 

With Quickstart, you can access dozens of campaign types and hundreds of templates, making it easy to launch a digital presence and get audiences to act. 

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