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An All-In-One Platform to Educate, Inspire, & Drive Action

Countable's core features and expert team provide brands with a turn-key solution for community engagement, activation, & impact.

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Countable Community Platform Newsfeed

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A Fully-Branded Platform

 Customize any aspect of your community site with your brand styles. Countable's platform is designed to fit seamlessly into your current website.



Diverse Engagement 

Customizable modules allow members to share their sentiment, contact key stakeholders, and submit their voice in the form of posts, polls, or video clips.

Read about Starbucks' employee engagement

Community Engagement Features include surveys, multimedia posts, and lawmaker contanct

Gamify Action-Taking

Reward actions with a built-in point system, badges, and a leaderboard. Members can show off their activity in the community and redeem points for virtual or physical items.

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Community Gamafication Features - User profiles, badges and leaderboards

Easily Collect User-Generated Content

Video capture gives you a new approach to acquiring user-generated content. With a click of a button, users can submit their self-recorded videos.

How Uber leveraged User-generated video

User Generated Content (1)

Action-oriented Newsfeed

A customizable landing page gives your brand the flexibility to display content the way it's meant to be seen, so your most important news always stays at the forefront and drives action.

How the Democratic National Convention drove action


Detailed Analytics

Real-time analytics keep you up to date with every aspect of your community, from site engagement, to content reports, to platform performance. 

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Work with an analytics dashboard that gives you a granular view of community engagement
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How Countable Protects Safety and Fights Against AI Deepfakes, Bots and Spam

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Tools to Turn Communities into Powerful Engines for Social Impact

Community Building Tools

Community | Impact Hubs

Add structure to your community by segmenting by geography, affinity, or level. Customize levels of access to enable more targeted, relevant experiences.

Activity Feeds

Display actions are taken, community responses, and stakeholder engagement.

Virtual Events

Create an online home base for your virtual event or summit. Manage invitations, registrations, resources, and content all through a single platform.

Action Tools

Drive geo-targeted messages via email, phone call, or video; engage users in surveys, petitions, and pledges; supply notifications.


Client Support

Our team of experienced digital operators can provide guidance or full-on management of your community program.

Content Syndication

Content is the fuel of community. Pull in relevant content from our sister company and top destination Causes, or develop custom content with their Studio team.

Impact Amplification

Expand your community reach to millions of civically-minded individuals by opting to promote your public-facing impact initiatives on our sister platform, Causes.


Ensure brand and member safety with simple, time-saving tools.

Action Tools

Stakeholder | Lawmaker Messaging

Direct outreach to influential stakeholders, with templatized and open messaging.


Reward member actions with built-in points, badges, and a leaderboard system. Members can redeem points for visual or physical items.

UGC Video Capture

Collect and showcase stakeholder stories and testimonials, to inspire the community, recruit others to join, and enhance your brand.

Administrative Tools

Performance Metrics

Receive comprehensive analytics that detail your impressions, engagements, and usage patterns to optimize your impact.

Lead Generation

Easily collect contact details for everyone who takes an action on your site and follow up to deepen their engagement. You own 100% of all First-Party Data.


Reach new markets easily with a platform that supports an expanding list of languages.

Data Privacy | Security

Countable's end-to-end encrypted platform meets industry security, and data privacy standards, including HIPAA and CCPA. We only gather and use First-Party Data.

Payments | Member Dues | Subscription Fees

Stripe integration make donation, subscription, and fee-based systems possible within the platform.


Plug-in services including Stripe, Zapier, CRM, and SSO tools ensure you don’t miss a beat with your already existing systems.

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