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The Engagement Platform Behind the Impact of Leading Organizations

pg&e trucks
Brand Affinity

Increase in Brand Favorability

When PG&E needed a place customers could access emergency preparedness resources Countable delivered.


With Countable Red Nose Day Increased Year-Over-Year Monthly Donors by Over 90%

Amplify Reach

Achieving a 60% Increase in Online Donations

The Environmental Defense Fund needed to engage the next generation of donors. The organization's partnership with Countable to reach an audience of 190M users looking to make a difference.

Sanders Campaign
Public Platform

Giving Supporters a Platform to Share their Support

Why the Sanders Campaign choose Countable when it wanted to give voters a platform to express their support.


Riff City Needed Public Policy & Community Tools for its Clients. Countable was the solution.

wondros logo
Donor Engagement

A Partnership to Equip Non-Profit Clients with a Donor Platform

Wondros offers non-profit clients platforms powered by Countable. Now donors can participate in the change their contributions make.

Engage Customers

When Storefront Clients Need to Boost Engagement Countable Delivers

Storefront Media partners with Countable to offer clients an effective way to drive engagement for long-term client initiatives.