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Quickstart Donate

Transform the Way You Fundraise

Elevate your fundraising efforts with the game-changing platform for charitable giving. Revolutionize how you launch campaigns, connect  donors, and track campaign success. From small nonprofits to leading organizations, ensuring that every contribution has a profound impact.

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Easily collect donations

Countable has vetted, collaborated with, and integrated a wide array of donation vendors — giving you the freedom to pick from our curated list of trusted options or embed your own specific tools. 

Quickstart Donate Integrations
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Share your cause your way

Create stunning landing pages that effortlessly capture the essence of your campaign's mission with the intuitive and lightning-fast page builder offered by Quickstart. 

Build your donor community

Post progress and updates, award badges, create leaderboards, and  gamify the giving experience for your donors.

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Ready to level up your fundraising?

Give us a call and we'll help you get started. 

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Add Quickstart Donate to your campaign toolkit. 

Quickstart helps comms, marketing, advocacy, and employee engagement professionals create microsites or landing pages for their campaigns. 

With Quickstart, you can access dozens of campaign types and hundreds of templates, making it easy to launch a digital presence and get audiences to act. 

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How Countable clients are increasing donations


Collecting user-generated video to increase voter engagement & donations.


Thousands of driver actions in response to critical legislation.

Level up your giving campaigns