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Client Community Worksheet

Starting a community often brings more questions than answers. How does one craft a space that resonates, connects, and flourishes?

Introducing your blueprint – this worksheet. It's more than just guidelines; it's a canvas for your vision. Distilled into this sheet are essential inquiries, thoughtfully curated, paving the way for a community that doesn’t just exist, but thrives. Every question is an invitation to explore, design, and shape the future of your community.

This worksheet covers eight essential pillars of community:

Identity & Mission: Start by identifying the core values and purpose of your community. What drives its existence?

Audience & Engagement: Understand who you're serving. Your community's success will be measured by how engaged and invested your audience is.

Origin & Funding: Trace back to the roots. Why was this community conceptualized? And, importantly, how do you intend to sustain its growth?

Expectations & Commitment: Set the ground rules. What can members anticipate and how are you ensuring their trust is never breached?

Promotion & Outreach: Every community thrives on visibility and growth. Determine how you'll spread the word and engage more individuals.

Community Engagement & Communication: Communities are built on relationships. Define the tone, frequency, and nature of your communications.

Content Strategies & Planning: Content is key in keeping members engaged. Define how you'll deliver value consistently.

Community Building & Support: Behind every successful community are committed teams and champions. Recognize them and outline their roles.

As you complete this worksheet, you're not just filling out answers – you're laying the bricks for building an engaged community.