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27.4.2023 Features Update: White House Advocacy

Gone are the days of trying to squeeze through the White House fence to let President Biden know how your stance on policy issues policy issues. Now, with just one click, your advocacy campaigns can send a message directly to the White House inbox, making sure your voice is heard at the highest echelons of power in Washington DC.

Advocacy is taking a giant leap forward, and we're excited to announce our latest feature White House Advocacy

A Direct Line to the Executive Branch

Policy decisions are increasingly being made through the executive branch, but until today there has been no way to bring advocate voices to the White House at scale.

Now, with Advocacy Quickstart and Advocacy Impact Hub advocacy campaigns can broaden their scope beyond the legislative branch to the executive. Provide advocates with a direct line of communication to the White House and ensure their voices reach the highest levels of government.

Why Choose White House Advocacy?

  1. Extend advocate's reach beyond the legislative branch by reaching the executive branch directly and efficiently.
  2. Raise awareness more broadly about the issues that matter most to you and your stakeholders.
  3. Mobilize new support for your campaigns through targeted, large-scale messaging across federal policymaking.

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