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Introducing Advocacy Quickstart, simplifying grassroots advocacy software

Introducing Advocacy Quickstart, the latest in Countable's grassroots advocacy software suite. Quickstart rethinks the overly complicated software currently being used for advocacy and provides an intuitive approach to creating and publishing campaigns online.

  • Mobilize in minutes with our quick, easy-to-use, rapid campaign page builder.

  • Drive conversion & inspire advocates with multiple engagement options.

  • Effortlessly track and optimize grassroots engagement campaigns with real-time reporting built-in.

Advocacy features to run successful grassroots campaigns.

Advocacy Quickstart eliminates the fluff and has the exact tools you need to get your campaigns off the ground quickly and connect your advocates with key decision-makers. Here’s what it can do.

1) Contact any policymaker

From the White House to state legislatures to the head of the SEC, we make it easy to contact any policymaker. 

2) Manage the message

Provide advocates with a default message to send, and ensure they hit on key talking points or let them write a personalized message, send a video story, place a call, or tweet at their lawmaker. 

Ensure advocates hit on key talking points by providing a default message, or let them write a personalized one. Cut through the noise further by giving advocates the option to send video messages, start a patch-through call, or tweet directly at their lawmakers.

3) Build Advocate Lists

From name, email, and address to engagement level, easily collect and export advocate information for the next time you need to mobilize supporters. All advocate information collected through our platform is reported in real-time and 100% owned by Countable's clients.

4) Geolocate elected officials

Create a user experience your advocates will love by automatically connecting them with their elected representatives. Our advocacy software ensures lawmakers only receive messages from their own constituents by displaying advocates the exact representatives to contact based on their location.

5) Maximize the impact of your advocacy 

Match your advocacy campaign with the right advocacy software solutions, whether it's lawmaker messaging (video, phone, call, or social), online petitions, or advocate storytelling. 

6) Analyze advocacy campaign effectiveness

Track campaign performance, measure impact, and optimize future initiatives with detailed reporting and insights.  

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What types of messages can my advocates send through Countable's grassroots advocacy software?

Maximizing impact no longer means copying and pasting emails from excel sheets. The last decade has shown that supporters want to advocate for causes the same way they're used to communicating online. By providing advocates with options, your campaign will find the tools that best allow them to send authentic, thoughtful, and powerful messages.

Quickstart advocacy is designed to empower your advocates to take action and join your online campaigns however they best see fit. 

  • Email advocacy: Countable has unique integrations with the Senate and the House of Representatives, allowing your supporters a direct line to lawmaker inboxes. Users can send a default or personalized message to their reps with the click of a button.

  • Video advocacy: Advocacy Quickstart allows users to send personal video stories about how proposed policy decisions may impact their lives. Additionally, when a user opts in, video messages can be downloaded and used to amplify advocacy initiatives across email, social, and in-person channels.

  • Social media advocacy: The reach social media provides advocacy campaigns is critical to the success of any grassroots initiative. This is why Advocacy Quickstart empowers users to share the campaign, send personalized messages across these channels, and amplify your work to recruit new advocates. With Twitter and Facebook integrations, your campaign can take advantage of the network effect.

  • Phone advocacy: Calling local legislators or representatives allows advocates to make their voices heard personally. Phone call advocacy enables supporters to discuss issues, ask questions, and pressure elected officials to take action on policies that matter to your campaign. It can be especially effective when combined with other forms of engagement like email outreach.
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What levels of government can I reach with an advocacy campaign?

Whether you're working on a local, state, or national level, Advocacy Quickstart provides the tools you need to amplify the voices of your customers, employees, or supporters to achieve your policy goals.

Furthermore, you can mix and match lawmakers at any level and send messages to all your targets with a single call-to-action.

Which decision-makers can I reach with an advocacy campaign?

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Our advocacy tools enable users to seamlessly connect with their elected officials on all levels of government, including federal, state, and local representatives, governors, and other key figures in local municipalities.

But Countable’s advocacy software doesn’t stop there - you can also reach out to committees, departments, and even CEOs, making connecting with anyone with a digital presence effortless.

Who can use these grassroots advocacy tools?

Many types of advocacy groups and people from public affairs use Countable's digital advocacy tools to engage supporters for their grassroots campaign work, including:

  • Companies
  • Associations
  • Nonprofits
  • Agencies
  • Lobbying firms and others

From engaging employees to donors to customers, Our team helps policy wonks, public affairs professionals, lobbyists, organizers, and others engage different types of stakeholders on any issue. 

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Do I need to know how to code to use Countable's advocacy software?

No, Countable's landing page builder makes creating and launching pages incredibly simple. To begin converting audiences to take action, you'll need a title for your campaign, your call-to-action, some info, and a picture. We put as much emphasis on the user-friendliness of the admin experience as we do the advocate experience — meaning our platform is intuitive and easy to use.

Also, our client success team is available to help with any technical questions. Our team can help you strategize your campaigns, address any technical questions, and help parse advocacy data collected on the platform to optimize your initiatives further.

Why Countable's online advocacy tools?

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Advocacy Quickstart is built on years of experience powering hundreds of digital grassroots advocacy campaigns, making it easy to focus on the impact on policy. Companies like Starbucks, Uber, Twitch, and others have used Countable to engage advocates on many issues.

In addition, we power the world's largest civically-engaged community, Causes.com. With over 40m global members, our team is well-versed in driving awareness and activating advocates on many issues. This highly active community has curated a playbook of advocacy best practices that we bring to every partnership.

How to get started and launch your advocacy campaigns:

  1. Get in touch: Fill out a short form, and tell us a little about your advocacy efforts and goals. We'll get started behind the scenes to get you up and running as quickly as possible.
  2. Check your inbox: Shortly after, our team will reach out to confirm your account, grant you admin access to your portal, and help you get started.
  3. Launch your advocacy campaign: Start creating campaign pages for advocates to contact policymakers. Within a few clicks, you'll have beautiful and engaging landing pages that inspire your audiences to take action.

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What other grassroots advocacy solutions do you offer?

Launch a dedicated and fully branded action center of your own with Advocacy Impact Hub. This expansion of our advocacy software allows organizations, brands, and others to expand how clients engage supporters.

We believe the most effective way to impact policy is to sustain engagement and drive grassroots advocacy at every step. With the Advocacy Impact Hub, keep your audience informed and turn your advocates into a buzzing coalition.  Your audience will be better informed and primed to advocate on your behalf through actions like polls, quizzes, gamification, forums, and more. Learn More →

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