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Episode 8: The Why and How of Leading a Brand with Mission

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Mar 28, 2022 5:01:07 PM

What sets brands apart in the eyes of customers? It's not just the product. Gagan Levy, founder of the marketing agency Guru Media Solutions, reveals why brand mission is essential in today's markets.

In this week's episode Gagan Levy, founder of Guru Media Solution, an agency with clients including Patagonia Provisions, Clover, and Kevita discusses what it means for a brand to be led with purpose today. More than just optics, Gagan explains why a mission–whether it's something as simple as delighting customers or as impactful as protecting communities–must always be the guiding principle for a brand and its actions as a business.

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In this week's episode

Gagan shares his advice on how any business, big or small, can make sure they're living its mission every day–and how it might just be the most rewarding way to run a company. Tune in for an inspiring conversation about how you can use business as a force for good.


Branding a company starting with purpose:



People show up for mission-driven brands:



Thinking of Marketing As Matching People to Themselves:


What It Means To Lead A Company From Inside Out:


The Future Of Social Impact In Terms Of Brand Engagement


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