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Impact All Stars

Join host and Impact Strategist Elissa Fisher Harris in chats with business leaders committed to making a difference. Learn the challenges they faced and how they've successfully incorporated Impact into their organizations.

Episode 16: Making the most sustainable choices the easiest choices

Kate Brandt Google Sustainability | Countable

"What does it look like to give people the sustainable choice as the easiest choice, having the default in Google Maps be the least carbon-intensive and most fuel-efficient route..."

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Episode 15: An Impact Pioneer Shares her Purpose Playbook

Bobbi Silten

Former Gap executive and Managing Director of the Shared Values Initiative Bobbi Silten talks about a milestone in her career when she reimagined Corporate Impact as "skilled volunteering, a model that carried her into a role with the Obama Administration.

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Episode 14: Addressing a common, but overlooked type of diversity

Dr. Daniela Ferdico

"When someone is different, we tend to focus on what they find difficult, not the amazing things they can do. I'm hoping to shift that perspective." Neuropsychologist and founder Daniela Ferdico about how we can be more mindful of all aspects of employee diversity at work.

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Episode 13: Supporting the Silent Victims of the Pandemic: Our Youth

jg larochette

What does it take to disrupt an industry? JG Larochette of Mindful Life Project shares his aha moment, after a life of witnessing the trauma of discrimination, for healing kids through the power of mindfulness.

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Episode 12: Democratizing Smiles

Dr. Ingrid Murra

What does it take to disrupt an industry? In this week's episode, Dr. Ingrid Murra talks with Elissa about reinventing the five billion dollar orthodontics industry. Learn the challenges Dr. Murra found herself up against, and how he learned to navigate them--from meeting both doctor …

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Episode 11: Designing Around Purpose

From corporate to non-profit, print to digital, Peter Walbridge, creative director for Sierra Club discusses the evolution of his career in advertising and design. What can a corporate career give to the non-profit and impact sector? Watch this week's episode to find out.

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Episode 10: Impact investors share insights into ESG

Learn how ESG investing works when it extends beyond private equity into the public market. In this episode Heidi Ridley and Kathryn McDonald, Co-founders of RadiantESG talk to Elissa about the future of investing, and capital in the context of social and environmental change.

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Episode 9: Community First - A Framework for Companies Giving Back

Christy duncan anderson albertsons

How can companies give back to their communities? In this episode of Impact All Stars Christy Duncan Anderson, President of the Albertson's Companies Foundation, discusses the ins and outs of developing an initiative tied to brand purpose.

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Episode 8: The Why and How of Leading a Brand with Mission

Gagan Levy, founder of Guru Media Solutions, explains how to create a brand with purpose

What sets brands apart in the eyes of customers? It's not just the product. Gagan Levy, founder of the marketing agency Guru Media Solutions, reveals why brand mission is essential in today's markets. In this week's episode Gagan Levy, founder of Guru Media Solution, an agency with cl …

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Episode 7: What it Takes to Successfully Market a Brand on Community

What are the foundations of a successful community? In this episode, Countable's CMO Jory de Jardins discusses the ins and outs of creating a thriving community around your brand. She offers tips and insights for getting started, and shares her own experiences from BlogHer, Amazon AWS …

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