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Impact All Stars

Join host and Impact Strategist Elissa Fisher Harris in chats with business leaders committed to making a difference. Learn the challenges they faced and how they've successfully incorporated Impact into their organizations.

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Episode 17: How Amalgamated Bank has Lived up to its Impact Origin

Amalgamated Bank

"We realize that a purely capitalistic drive that has gotten us to where we are has also created a lot of sacrifices and disparities that we now need to be accountable for" In this episode of Impact All Stars Elissa talks to Cynthia Dalagelis, SVP Director of ESG Investments at Amalga …

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Episode 16: Making the most sustainable choices the easiest choices

Kate Brandt Google Sustainability | Countable

  "What does it look like to give people the sustainable choice as the easiest choice, having the default in Google Maps be the least carbon-intensive and most fuel-efficient route..."

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