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Impact All Stars

Join host and Impact Strategist Elissa Fisher Harris in chats with business leaders committed to making a difference. Learn the challenges they faced and how they've successfully incorporated Impact into their organizations.

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Episode 15: An Impact Pioneer Shares her Purpose Playbook

Bobbi Silten

Former Gap executive and Managing Director of the Shared Values Initiative Bobbi Silten talks about a milestone in her career when she reimagined Corporate Impact as "skilled volunteering, a model that carried her into a role with the Obama Administration.

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Episode 14: Addressing a common, but overlooked type of diversity

Dr. Daniela Ferdico

"When someone is different, we tend to focus on what they find difficult, not the amazing things they can do. I'm hoping to shift that perspective." Neuropsychologist and founder Daniela Ferdico about how we can be more mindful of all aspects of employee diversity at work.

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