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Impact All Stars

Join host and Impact Strategist Elissa Fisher Harris in chats with business leaders committed to making a difference. Learn the challenges they faced and how they've successfully incorporated Impact into their organizations.

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Episode 8: The Why and How of Leading a Brand with Mission

Gagan Levy, founder of Guru Media Solutions, explains how to create a brand with purpose

What sets brands apart in the eyes of customers? It's not just the product. Gagan Levy, founder of the marketing agency Guru Media Solutions, reveals why brand mission is essential in today's markets. In this week's episode Gagan Levy, founder of Guru Media Solution, an agency with cl …

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Episode 7: What it Takes to Successfully Market a Brand on Community

What are the foundations of a successful community? In this episode, Countable's CMO Jory de Jardins discusses the ins and outs of creating a thriving community around your brand. She offers tips and insights for getting started, and shares her own experiences from BlogHer, Amazon AWS …

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Episode 6: Business with impact at its core

Building a business with impact at its core

Jake Kloberdanz, Co-Founder & CEO of ONEHOPE consultants discusses the success achieved building a platform and winery with impact at its core from day one. Watch the full episode:

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Episode 5: Building Civic Engagement Into Business

Interview with Mairin Macaluso

Mairin Macaluso, Co-Founder of Corporate Civic consultants discusses the why and how of participating in civic engagement at the executive level.

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