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Impact All Stars

Join host and Impact Strategist Elissa Fisher Harris in chats with business leaders committed to making a difference. Learn the challenges they faced and how they've successfully incorporated Impact into their organizations.

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Episode 13: Supporting the Silent Victims of the Pandemic: Our Youth

jg larochette

What does it take to disrupt an industry? JG Larochette of Mindful Life Project shares his aha moment, after a life of witnessing the trauma of discrimination, for healing kids through the power of mindfulness.

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Episode 12: Democratizing Smiles

Dr. Ingrid Murra

What does it take to disrupt an industry? In this week's episode, Dr. Ingrid Murra talks with Elissa about reinventing the five billion dollar orthodontics industry. Learn the challenges Dr. Murra found herself up against, and how he learned to navigate them--from meeting both doctor …

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